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오늘의 표현 29: ‘음치’, ‘기계치’, ‘몸치’와 ‘길치’를 영어로!

무료 유튜브 채널: 잉글리쉬인코리언 채널
유료 유튜브 채널: 영어 교실

I’m tone deaf.
I can’t carry a tune.

Incorrect: I’m a tone deaf.

I’m bad with electronics.
I’m computer illiterate.

I have two left feet.
I’m very uncoordinated.

I’m terrible with directions.
I have no sense of direction.

오늘의 표현 28: ‘내가 쏠게’를 영어로!

It’s on me.
Next round is on me!
Dinner is on me!
I’ll get this (또는 I’ve got this, 속어: I got this)
Let me get this.
My treat.
I’ll treat.
I’d like to treat you to a nice dinner.

Ten in Ten! 1편: 학교 생활 (10분 안에 필수 회화 유형 10개!)

오랜만에 새 연재를 올립니다!
10분 안에 필수 회화 표현을 10개 배우고자하는 개념이라 제목은 ’10 in 10!’으로 지었습니다.

일상적으로 많이 쓰는 표현이 듬뿍 들어있으니까 자막을 꼼꼼히 보시고 귀 기울여 들어보세요.

도움이 많이 되시길!

무료 채널:
유료 채널:


Ten Expressions in Ten Minutes!

1. I was a ~ student.

I was a good student.
I was a terrible student.
I was a rebellious student.
He was a very unruly student.

2. What did you get on the ~ ?

What did you get on your presentation?
What did you get on the TOEFL?

3. I got ~ on my report card.
I got straight A’s this semester.

4. I dropped ~
I dropped chemistry.
I dropped that class.
I shouldn’t have dropped that class.

5. I flunked ~
I flunked calculus.
I flunked AP Chemistry.

6. I took ~ off from college.
I’m thinking about taking this semester off.
I’d like to take a few semesters off.

7. I’m majoring in ~
I’m majoring in Chinese literature.
What did you major in?

8. When is the ~ due?
When is the report due?

9. He got in trouble for ~
He got in trouble for cheating.

10. I went to ~
I went to Harvard.
What school did you go to?
Where do you go?

오늘의 표현 26: ‘욕하다’를 영어로!

무료 유튜브 채널: 잉글리쉬인코리언 채널
유료 유튜브 채널: 영어 교실

To cuss
Don’t cuss!
I hate it when you cuss.
Don’t curse in front of your parents!
Curse words.
Don’t swear!
Don’t use swear words!
Don’t use profanity!
Explicit lyrics.
This album contains explicit lyrics.

오늘의 표현 25: Good Sport, Bad Sport, Spoilsport! (미국 특집!)

무료 유튜브 채널: 잉글리쉬인코리언 채널
유료 유튜브 채널: 영어 교실

He’s a good sport.
Thanks for being such a good sport about it!
Be a sport!
Don’t be a bad sport.
He was a bad sport about it.
He’s such a spoilsport.
That guy is always such a spoilsport.
유의어: buzzkill
Don’t be such a buzzkill.